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LaRoyal is a cabinetry manufacture  with a long tradition of quality carpentry and fine craftsmanship for American style. Since the founding of our company, we have taken great pride in our satisfied customers. We hand-craft our furniture and cabinetry, tailoring each piece to suit your needs, and offering you comprehensive advice along the way.



Backed by many years of experience in cabinetry, we offer our customers versatile solutions, helping them from start to finish on his inventory and every project. We also pride ourselves on providing environmentally-friendly solutions.


Our staff of professional craftsmen is pleased to build every individual piece by hand and molden equipment, designing and crafting each one to your specifications. Our expert designers are there to support our carpenters at every step of the way - that way, we're sure that the end result is exactly what you were looking for.

LaRoyal Cabinetry

Donggang City Port Industrial Park Stainless Steel Industrial Park
11-02 liaoning of China





Thank you for visiting LaRoyal Cabinetry. We have the advantage of our Northeast lumber, large labor force and lower cost to ensure that you come out on top in competitive pricing and high quality standard in United States and around the globe.


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How we treat our cabinetry's finishing

At LaRoyal Cabinetry located at DongGang Of China, We take several additional steps to ensure that we give our customer the finest cabinet finish.

Our finishes are skillfully applied resulting in a deep, smooth and durable surface.


16-Steps !


Creating a fine cabinet quality finish begins long before any stain or paint are applied. We start out by selecting premium quality Maple, Cherry and Birch lumber and select veneers


Wood components are meticulously cared for throughout our process from precise machining, and through delicate hand sanding steps. We take great care in starting the process out well.


Stains and paints are then applied, sealed, sanded and top-coated with great attention to detail by our skilled craftsmen and components are inspected every step along the way.


We take great pride in our fine finish and we know that you will too!


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